Your Local Video Crew

crew_location4smNeed a video film crew for a day, a week, a month?  SnowTech Media’s video crew is the professional way to build out your team.

We work for you!  Our location team is punctual, professional and courteous.  We refer to your company when speaking with the client and we wear non-branded clothing.   Our equipment is in minimally branded cases to truly extend your company, production team, and brand.

San Francisco Bay Area Based Local Producers or Outside Producers Shooting In The SF Area

We are happy to assist producers, based locally or outside the area, in getting local segment work completed.  Local interviews, establishing shots, B-roll.  SnowTech Media owns and maintains equipment to shoot nicely composed, well lighted HD footage with clear audio.  Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Non-branded professional and courteous crew represents your production company.
  • Rapid deployment of crews for standard setups like interviews and B-roll.
  • Full compliment of equipment for larger shoots; lighting, dollies, sound.
  • Multiple matched Canon brand video cameras.  Video DSLR and photography also available.
  • Dailies or lo-rez comps sent at the end of the shooting day.
  • We transcode footage to your preferred format for drop in editing.

Independent  Productions

Making your own commercial, viral video, or short?
Already know how to edit, but just need the footage?
Is a Flip camera not quite the quality you had hoped for?
How do you get professional video quality, lighting, and sound without buying thousands of dollars worth of gear?

SnowTech Media provides equipment and crew at reasonable hourly rates to help you capture your video.  One time, or on a regular schedule.  We will work with you to determine what equipment and personnel you need for your shoot, schedule a shooting time, and get the shots.

You’ve got the vision and know how to edit.  You just need some great video footage… SnowTech Media!   Contact us today and let’s talk about your project.