FREE Stock Photos & Video Clips of YOUR BUSINESS To Use In Your Website or Brochure

Imagine having access to full size, full resolution, professionally processed photos of you or your staff in action.  Shots of  YOUR BUSINESS with the same fresh, crisp, professional look of photos found on the expensive stock photo sites like iStock Photo, Shutterstock, or Dreamstime Photo.  Now, imagine that there was no cost – all you had to do was invite a professional crew to come shoot your business.

Its true. SnowTech Media is currently working on expanding our portfolio of stock business images and we’re looking for shooting opportunities in all types of business areas (see below).  If your business is willing to host a shoot at your business, we’ll in turn give you complete access to all of the professional photos or video clips we shoot.    You’ll receive the same full-color, full-resolution, print ready photos as our top paying clients… absolutely free.

No Cost To You – Guaranteed!  So How Does This Work?

The goal for this program is to expand SnowTech Media’s stock media portfolio while providing you with professionally shot and edited media at no cost.  After we complete the shooting, processing, and deliver the photos and/or video tothe media to you, selected media may be made available for sale through our online stock portfolio at (Ghetty Images).

Our Guarantee – at no time during this process
will you be asked to pay for anything.

All costs for equipment, crew, travel, etc are completely paid for by SnowTech Media.

Simple 6 Step Process

  1. You Fill Out The Application Form. Tell us about your business using the form on the right hand side of this page.  Let us know why you think your business would be a great subject for a photo or video shoot.  We usually respond within 24 to 48 hours.
  2. Together We Plan The Shoot.  If your business is selected, our Producer will work with you to plan all of the details of the shoot.  We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for – as well as let you know what we’re looking for.  Together we’ll pull comps of the style and subject of photos to shoot.  In short, we’ll make sure that there are no surprises and that everyone is comfortable with what we will shoot and what results to expect.
  3. The Shoot Is Scheduled.  We’ll work with you to select the best time and location for the shoot and book a time for the shoot.  We’ll follow up with you before the shoot to confirm the appointment.
  4. Professional Shoot At Your Location – We’ll come to your location (within the continental U.S.) with all of the equipment required to capture professional images and/or video.  Our directors and crew are used to shooting around working environments.  On location, we work for you – we will be respectful and courteous with your employees and clients, follow any safety procedures, and work to minimize any disruption in your business day.
  5. We Post Process Your Photos or Video – Our professional editors will post process your photos or video to the same level that we would for our top clients.  Depending on your shoot, we will create one or both of:
    1. Custom Photography – A complete set of professionally lighted and composed photos, professionally retouched and media project ready.  These photos are extra large high resolution images, suitable for any web or print project.
    2. Custom Video Clips – A complete set of professionally lighted and composed video footage, cut into clips ready for your video editing project.  All clips are HD quality shot by a professional video crew.
  6. Delivery By Download – When the final media is ready (usually 7 to 10 days), we will send you a web login where you can download the media directly to your computer.

What Kinds of Businesses Qualify – What Are We Looking For

SnowTech Media is looking for all types of businesses that have an interesting or exciting visual story.  We’re particularly  interested in business that are in:

  • Manufacturing & Industry:  all types of product, fabrication, manufacturing and product assembly
  • Healthcare:  medical and dental services like doctors, dentists, clinic, care facilities, pharmacy, medical equipment
  • Local Business:  auto care, retail stores, home & decor, independently owned,
  • Food & Food Service:  restaurants, cafes, vending, grocery, markets
  • Travel Industry:  Air travel, limo, car rental, hotel, hospitality, conference
  • Trade:  builders, contractors, painters, plumbers, carpenters, tile, janitorial
  • Energy:  oil & gas, alternative energy, solar, home energy, insulation, heating, hot water, home installation
  • Home Based Business:  Crafts, Home Care, Baked Goods, Cleaning
  • Non Profit:  Community Services, Religious Organizations

Just about any business can be considered, but you must have the ability (or arrange) to authorize and schedule the shoot.

Model and Property Releases

Also, anyone appearing it the photos or video must agree to appear as a ‘model’ and sign a model release allowing:

  1. You to use the video or photos that they appear in for your own business marketing or a/v projects.
  2. SnowTech Media to add the media they appear in to our stock library which is sold online at